Thanksgiving Fall Transfer Template Bundle 2020

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Thanksgiving Fall Transfer Template Bundle 2020
Transfer lovers, here is my 2020 Thanksgiving Fall Transfer Template Bundle digital download. 

Instructions are on each page for how to decorate.  Let them dry for 24 to 48 hrs before peeling them off the wax or parchment paper.  Store in airtight containers away from moister for years.  You can add little silica gel packets in your containers to ensure no moisture gets to them.  They are very fragile, so be careful when handling them, they will break easily.  

1.25" Pilgrim Hat
1.5" Pilgrim Hat
1.25" Pumpkin
1.5" Pumpkin
1" Sunflower
1.25" Sunflower
1.25" Acorn
1.5" Acorn
1" Turkey Body
1.50" Turkey Feathers

You will recieve a link to download the template bundle once your purchase is complate and in your confirmation email.

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