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The DoughEZ® Rolling System with 6 Guide SticksZ® Rolling System with 6 Guide Sticks

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The DoughEZ® Rolling System with 6 Guide SticksZ® Rolling System with 6 Guide Sticks

Bakeware for the Modern Kitchen

DoughEZ® greatly reduces the need for excessive flour during the rolling process.

  • Extra Large 17.5″ x 32″
  • Non-Slip Silicone Surface
  • Pastry Dough Rolling Mat
  • 6 Guide Sticks (included)
  • FDA Approved materials
  • BPA Free

DoughEZ Extra Large 17.5″ x 32″ Non-Slip Silicone Pastry Dough Rolling Mat and 6 Guide Sticks

  • THIS IS HOW WE ROLL: With our patented process and design, bakers of all skill levels can achieve perfect dough thickness with each roll. Enjoy evenly baked goods faster and easier without all the mess.
  • ROLL WITH EASE: DoughEZ is your simple solution for more tender and consistently baked goods. Our unique extra large, Non-Stick Pastry Mat and Guide Sticks eliminate the floury mess and stress of over worked dough.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: DoughEZ Rolling Mat is almost 2 1/2 times larger than your average baking sheet and is made from BPA Free, FDA approved food safe materials. Its strong fiber mesh silicone construction is flexible and durable and our non-slip surface will not slip and slide when rolling out your dough.
  • EASY CARE: With proper at home care your DoughEZ Rolling Mat can last a lifetime. Simply wash both sides of your mat with mild soap and warm water. Dry both sides completely with a clean soft cloth before rolling up and storing away.

Multi-purpose guide sticks make rolling dough to the perfect thickness EZ. Total of 6 Guide Sticks of varying thickness’. 1 set of 1/8″ thickness and 2 sets at 1/4″ thickness. Guide sticks can be stacked together to achieve various depth in thickness. The 1/4″ guide sticks are notched and can be snapped together to form a 9 x 13 x1 inch pastry frame.  This can be used to achieve dough thickness of 1″. Pastry frame can be used to make no baked confections. See our website blog for suggestions https://dough-ez.com/product/dough-ez-rolling-system/

Dough EZ® Greatly Reduces the Need for Excessive Flour During the Rolling Process*

*All recipes can vary. Minor adjustments to recipes or use of small dusting of flour may be needed for optimal results, when working with wet or sticky dough.


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