LIVE Virtual Halloween Beginner Cookie Class - 10/6/20 - Playback

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LIVE Virtual Halloween Beginner Cookie Class - 10/6/20 - Playback

This is a Playback of the Live Virtual Halloween Beginner Cookie Class on 10/6/20.  It is a great intro to decorated cookies for a beginner.


Class Description


Learn the art of cookie decorating with royal icing in this LIVE VIRTUAL class.


Theme - Halloween


Length ~ 3 hrs


Curriculum Notes


• This class is perfect for all skill levels.


 • I discuss how to make sugar cookie dough and best baking practices.

• I explain the different consistencies of royal icing and how to make them.

• Basic decorating techniques are taught such as outling, flooding, wet-on-wet and marbling.

• You will receive a downloadable copy of my Beginner Cookie Class, Baking Class and Royal Icing 101 Class Handouts with icing, dough recipes, troubleshooting and my favorite cookie resources in the Class Packet. Lots and lots of info!

•  Halloween Cookie Step-by-Step Instructions - printable and there is a video

• 5 cookie designs

Once you purchase you will be prompted to download playback instructions with the link to watch the class and download the Class Handout/Workbook.  

This video is the intellectual property of Laura's Cookie Studio. It is for your personal use only.  You are not permitted to share this video with anyone outside of this class or teach this class.

Due to this being an online, instant downloadable product, all sales are final. No refunds will be given.


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